Living Is Easy With Eyes Closed

YOU GUYS!!! LOOK WHAT I JUST ORDERED!!!  ITS THE GREATEST THING KNOWN TO MAN! ITS THE ELTON JOHN BAND AND JOHN LENNON SINGING SOME OF THEIR GREATEST HITS TOGETHAAAAAAA!  You see I’m not big on ordering vinyls online, I 100% prefer going crate diggin and finding them for myself, that’s part of the experience and add to the sentimental value if you ask me.  BUUUUUT! what are the chances I’ll ever find this gem at some random thrift store, although it would be amazing if I did I highly doubt it would happen, so I looked it up online and the prices on amazon and eBay were pretty high so I extended my research a little bit and I found this store and they had it, semi used for $7!! In total it came out to $11. Guys you don’t even understand how excited I am rn!!!